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Re: pics

Hello Mike

I remember what the problem was..... but before talking about his
problem.. i wanna say nice looking cacatuoides..

Ok, problem was..... Alfredo told all of us americans that our World Cup
Soccer Team for the 2002 tournament didnt stand a chance against his
Portugal..... OMG what was the final score USA 4 goals Portugal 1 , i
know the final score was really USA 3 Portugal 2 but hey, we scored one
of their goals for them, an errant accidentaly header into our goal by
our defender.    As that world famous announcer would say ...

Sorry about that, IM a proud american soccer fan!!   Even if we dont win
another game, we won more this year the last tourney in '98.   My
sentiment is bring on South Korea......

Now as to the actual problem that Alfredo had with his fish, im not
sure, i cant remember.   If i remember right, he was wondering about
adding a second male to his tank to induce spawning..... creating a
little competition to get two of the fish to pair off..... I think that
would be a great idea..... natural pair bonding works much better then
when we just put male and female together and hope they spawn.. and get
upset when they dont seem to be a compatable pair...    Was i wrong ???
About my memory i mean....


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