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Third Apisto Species

Zack just *had* to show up at the meeting tonight, bearing BAP fry...  Damn

All my determination not to bid on fish went right out the window when I saw
five teeny, tiny cacatuoides (wild X Triple Red) which, of course, I won the
bid on.  It was them or the Morados (sp?).  Since I've always wanted cac's
and the wild's been thrown back into the soup to improve genetic diversity -
not to mention form; I do so like the wild cac's... - and Zack said they
wouldn't interbreed with the trifaciatias, plus that I'd be really pleased
with their looks/colour...  Well, I got'um.  Into the ten with the tri pair
and the two male guppies they'll go.

THEY ARE SO EFFIN' CUTE!!!  Hardly bigger'un a minute, no colour yet, but
those darling "tear" marks coming down from their eyes.

Otay...  Three species down.  Only how many hundreds more left to go?


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