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very off topic -- online fraud -- avoid this fish seller

Hello everyone, 
	Sorry for this email. I have to let other people know because I am (to my
knowledge) the second victim. If you don't believe me, you can email me
offlist and I can email you the check that was cleared and Keegan Armke's
invoice and you can call Keegan Armke. I don't think the Armke has anything
to with this even though it seems like they have benefits from this

I want to warn you all out there. There is a person
aquabid username -- Mike024
email address -- vo83@hotmail.com
he call himself either -- Mike, Dan Lee, or Truc Vo
address -- 1270 Royal Crest Dr.
           San Jose, CA. 95131
He will tell you that he has a group of Zaire frontosa for some amount of
money. In this case he charged me $300. Guess what, several weeks later he
will send a money order with your name and address to Armke Rare Fish for 6
small frontosa ($100 value). He must think that I am stupid. Guess what, I
am going to take you down. He did this to another person also because
Keegan (from Armke) said another person call them a week ago for the same
reason. If anyone are his buddies and lives in San Francisco or San Jose,
California and knows this guy. You better go warn him that the worst I will
drive out there and use any legal way to punish him. If anyone who hate
people like that and knows this guy, you should ban him for life from any
club/activities. If you have gotten rip off by this same guy and want
justice. Email me and I will share all the legal information I have
gathered. I welcome any advice.


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