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RE: Third Apisto Species

Yes, very mean and t'was your fault, too.  You kept flinging my hand in the
air as the bidding was going on...  (wink, wink)

I'm looking forward to watching them grow - you know how I like to get my
fish teeny-tiny and watch them develop.  And while it was alluded to prior
to bidding that these fry would be very diverse in looks due to the
breeding, that to me is a bonus and not a negative.  I'm not out to win/set
any records in Apisto breeding - I like the fact that a) I could have one
that looks like either parent, b) pretty fish somewhere between the two, and
c) they're not so inbred as to be unhealthy.  Actually, I'm very anxious to
watch these guys...  Will be fun to see how much the wild tones down the
triple, or the triple jolts up the wild.  Yes, these guys are going to be a
ton of fun.

Now, with three Apisto species and two Pelvicachromis, I think it's time I
start looking for my L. dorsigera, my "Smiley Faces"...  Tho, of course,
this plan could change should I come across a fourth Apisto or third Pelvi
species and again be forced in to purchase them!

On a related side note...  I *think* I've the same sex in the trifaciatas.
The larger of the two chases the smaller one constantly, and both have the
same dark markings, tho the smaller one tends to be 'markless' most of the
time.  The larger seems to be getting a yellow chin area more often now...
I'd go into more detail marks/colour-wise, but they don't like to hold still
for me and it's amazing how one can have seven small Apistos in a ten and
never be able to find/see one!

I'm pretty sure I lost my smallest of the three pandurinis.  Bummer.  But,
on a high note, I've at least a male and female.  The male's pectoral fins
have gotten quite long and are almost always yellow tipped now, as well as
his 'Indian feather' tail always coloured so nice in red and blue.  He's
quite the charmer and reminds me of my Pug:  quite full of himself!  A tiny
fish that think's he's the size of a blue whale...

To date the pandurinis and the P. subocellatus continue to get along
swimmingly, neither paying the least bit of attention to the other.  The
subs are starting to get big and taking on the, what I call, "Egyptian"
head/face characteristic of Pelvis that I love so much.  Still not much
colour, but I am able to see a yellow tinge on their sides.  Only one has an
egg spot - just one.

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Yeah, I'm a very mean guy, aren't I? Well, I hope you have as much fun with
them as I have. I've been maintaining that form of cacatuoides in my
collection for the last 4 years, and I never get tired of them. Gotta have
my Cockatoos, and you'll see why they're called that soon enough.


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