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In talking with a fellow list and MAS member, I've come to the determination
that I've two fem tri's...  This is based on them "yellowing up" (fins and
chest area; varies between a pretty lemon yellow and a really nice
yellowy-red) as they go chasing the new folks in the neighborhood, and the
black markings on their pectoral and vent fins...

David, what do I do now?  Are these harem fish?  Do I need another fem and a
single male?

Or do I need to seperate the two fems and get two males?

Or, are these the reverse harem kind'a gals?

What would be the best way to go here?

And I think I'm going to seperate the tri's and cac's...  There's been no
ramming as of yet, just chasing...  But...  Better to be safer than sorrier.


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