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I Think I've Got...

a problem.

The smaller trifaciata is quite honked off with the addition of the five new
Apistos in his/her realm.  S/he's doing quite a bit of chasing, tho at this
point I seem to be more stressed over this than the cacatouides...  T'would
be nice if it stayed that way.

The larger tri is now the aggressor towards the smaller, where before this
was just the opposite.  And now both are exhibiting yellow chin/into the
belly area and a horizontal stripe/various black body markings whereas
before the larger one showed no colour and almost never - if ever -
displayed black markings of any type.

With this poor description of the fish and their behaviors, can anyone tell

1)  Do I have two tri's of the same sex?

2)  What's going on with them?

3)  Should  I remove the cacatouides posthaste to a tank of their own?

As I type this, the larger tri is now totally void of all markings, but
retains a yellowish tinge around the chin area.  Wait!  Now the black
markings are back as s/he chases a cockatoo...

Great.  Just great.  Just what I need:  neurotic fish!  LOL!!!

Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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