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Re: Apisto people or breeders near La Crosse Wisconsin

The best store in Milwaukee for prices and selection is Pets 'N  Things.  The owner is an authentic hobbyist, and his selection and prices reflect this.  But the other three are all ones that I visit as well whenever I'm there.

However, Minneapolis/St. Paul is closer (just over 2 hours) to LaCrosse than it is to Milwaukee.  If you want to come this way (Mall of America for non-fish spouses), your better bet is aquarists and maybe a store or two.  Contact Zack if you want to come here -- he sells out of his fishroom.


At 03:20 PM 6/8/2002, Matthew Clark wrote:
If you want to drive to Milwaukee, there are several good shops.

Hoffer's Tropic Life <snip>

Aquatics Unlimited <snip>.

If you're looking for discus, Aqua Exhibits <snip>

At 11:15 PM 6/7/2002, Jim wrote:
Wife is attending an educational function in La Crosse this week. Anyone
know of any hobbyists who sell apistos or discus near La Crosse, say with a
few hours travel time?
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