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Re: I have..with the...and the...whoo... little diplos!

Thanks Sal and Yvan,

I'm pretty excited. The male and female are getting along really well. She
had a whole group of boys to choose from, so the pair bond seems to be
pretty solid. He hovers a few inches away from the female and fry and
watches things. She doesn't seem to mind his presence unless he gets a
little too close, then she'll wag at him a little, but there's no real
aggression. I never even got a chance to move them out of the 10 gallon
quarantine tank, but they seem to be happy enough in there.

Maulbruter is on my list of fish to try next. I've got a bunch coming this
week, so hopefully I can get some good pairs for breeding. Good luck with
yours, Sal. 


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