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Re: I have..with the...and the...whoo... little diplos!

I was just talking to Neil Lilliedoll off the list about the diplo spawn,
and this reminded me that in this pair I have, the male came from Neil.
Yvan's female decided she wanted to marry outside the family I guess. So
thanks to Neil as well for the diplos!

I do have a question. Is it normal for the diplo eggs to be cream/white? In
all the instances I've seen the eggs (the first two being unsuccessful) they
have been whitish colored. I assumed earlier that this color was due to the
eggs not being fertilized, but now I see that the fertile eggs/wigglers are
whitish as well. A couple of the free-swimmers that came out today still had
a little yolk and it was white. I've seen this as diet related before, but
I've been feeding heavily with bbs and cyclop-eeze, both rich in pigments.


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