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Pictures uploading on the digital Aquarium site

Hi all,
The digital Aquarium site is running out of space.I have only 2mb left.
I had to delete the piranha pictures in the mystery fish album to make room for my own photos.
The site will be replaced by a new and improved paid for website with 250mb of webspace soon.
I like to offer the old site to the Apisto list for photo uploading purposes.I will remove all my photos ,articles and other stuff on the site and Listmembers can use the site to download their own pictures there .
Anybody interested in maintaining the old site should contact me off list.
Take care

From: "William Vannerson" <William_Vannerson@ama-assn.org>
Reply-To: apisto@listbox.com
To: <apisto@listbox.com>
Subject: Re: Maulbruter... Help!
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 08:28:55 -0500

Sign up at Max's Digital Aquarium and you can upload the shots there:


Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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