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nijsseni complex


i'm a newcomer on this mailing list. i've been a
passive reader of your mails for sometime, but now i
have a little question that tricckers me...

i've been loosing touch with the apisto's for pretty
much a year, concentrating on other species, and i
have lost count off all the new species that have been
discovered recently.

therefor i would have liked to know what new species
could be included in the nijsseni complex (the one i,
and lots more, are really interested in).

and if you had links to photos of these.
for the photos i'm thinking of the lyretail panduro,
and the highyfin nijsseni.

thanks in adavance.

nb. oh yeah, does someone has any info on the apisto
sp "martenteller"? this is the phonetic version of its
name as i have only found a video of this species



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