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cacs with attitudes

Good day,
I have a 108 gallon aquarium I just set up...Its my apisto tank. I found out after I put the fish in there that it doesn't matter how big the floor space is on the tank, some fishes are just greedy. I have a triple red Cacatuoides at about 4 inches nose to tail (got him back in November at just over an inch) and also a Putumayo Cacatuoides about the same size. They are giving the wife and I fits not to mention a good show. They are constantly sparring ang facing off with each other. Up to this point nobody is hurt....just a lot of muscle flexing. I have about 25 other fish that are just bystanders (too afraid to get involved) I am thinking the reason the Putumayo won't quit is because he's a wild caught and the triple red is a tank bred. Does this sound about right? If I put one or the other in a seperate tank the are lucid and look half dead all the time. Any suggestions on how to keep from losing one or the other in a final battle. I have already taken both of them out and totally changed the location of driftwood and plants. I put them back and they just find each other and here we go again. Any help would be appreciated. I knew they were territorial but now they are in a 6 foot tank instead of seperate 2 foot tanks. Rich

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