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A. papagayo

hi everybody,
just wanted to know if someone had experience with A. papagayo. I have a
trio since 2 month and decided to put them in my display tank (75 gal). This
tank contains breeding pairs of A. diplotaenia, A. borelli (blue),  A.
pandurini and a pair of discus heckle blue face and rio Puru. Before
introducing the papagayo, diplos were the kings, chasing everybody around.
now the new comers took over the tank and over powered every other fish,
including the discus who eventhough are breeding can't handle the papagayo.
My question is: is this a typical behavior for that fish? Are they always
taff and all the other fish? Since 2 days I can also see some mating
attitude which just makes everything worse!
any imput would be appreciated.
thank you

Yvan Alleau
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