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Re: Digital Cameras

The Nikon D100 camera is selling at $1995 and is sold with just the body. I have no lenses, but the one I've been told that I'll want for my close-up fish photography (105mm micro) runs about $600 to $700. It sounds like you already have that lens. It also accepts most of the recent Nikon flashes. You can always go to http://dpreview.com for review and related info on digital cameras.


At 11:34 PM 7/17/2002, you wrote:
Randy.....how much for the basic D-100.......no lenses or external flashes
or anything???  Will it accept my Nikon 105mm like a 35mm camera and my
Nikon SB28 speedlight and the other Nikon lens I have???????  I guess what I
mean is do they sell just the body with NO accessories......that would help
I guess!!!!  It's getting crazy what we will do to take photos of our


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