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Re: Digital Cameras

I speak from experience. I sold my Nikon 5000 because it had too shallow of a depth of field for the close-ups I prefer to shoot. Perhaps its soon-to-be-released newer model (5700) will reflect improvements here, but for close-ups of small fish, I would stick to the 990/995 line that is going to be continued with the 4500 model.

As for me, I'm eyeing the new digital SLRs, in particular, the Nikon D100. But the cost of this model and the lenses needed for it are a whole lot more. (The right selection of equipment might run $3000.)


At 11:10 AM 7/16/2002, you wrote:
I'm in the market for a high end digital camera (to photograph apistos - so it's not off topic) and have been looking at the Nikon Coolpix5000/4500, Canon G2, Olymus (can't remember the model!) Minolta Dimage 7 and Fuji (again can't remember the designation).
As this will be primarily to get photos of Apistos, which one of these would you folks go for. The Macro on (I think) the Fuji seems a bit distant at around the 12cm (5 inch) mark, is this important? I expect to be using a ring flash + various other flashes for fill-in (operated by remote sensor.)
Any suggestions/comments? So far my personal preference is for the Coolpix 5000 but I don't know whether my budget will stretch that far, if not I guess it'll be the Canon G2 or maybe coolpix4500.

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