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a. trifasciata id

I feel like a real DA. I have had an a. trifasciata female, so I thought for some time now. She looked like every pic I have seen of a female. I went out and bought a male to see if the two would spawn. Now, all of a sudden they both look like males. They both have longer dorsal rays, and are the same size ( about 2 inches long). I know the one that I bought as a male is a Guapore. The female? I am not sure where it came from other than the LFS. My question is are there any really noticable distinctions that I may be missing between male and female? I thought the female would be smaller at least. She had dark black on her pectoral fins. Also, she had dark dorsal rays. Now they are fading to the same color grayish that the male has. I am going nuts here. First I couldn't find a male after mine died. Now I have two and can't find a female locally. A little help would really be appreciated. Thanks gang, Rich

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