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Re: Difficult females

In a message dated 7/25/2002 12:23:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, tomokoschum@knology.net writes:

Some of my females guard daphnia and grindal worms.
When I feed my new apistos with larger daphnia like D.
magna for the first time, both male and female start

Oh okay,
  I got tired of separating the dirt from the grindal worms so I gave that up a while ago. The only daphnia I've used was frozen. The only live I use now is bbs and black worms. Other things I like are cyclop-eeze, mysts, decap bbs, spirulina, etc. I have so many different things I use. I do have a couple flakes I use also. I buy mostly HBH brand in bulk because a friend of mine is a wholesaler he also carries the cyclop-eeze which once they get use to it, is good for both fry and adults the protein is way up there and as far as color enhancement that will surely do it. His spirulina is pure, no fish meal or other stuff. Not that grey-green stuff they sell but, an algae type green big shinny flake when you open the bag it smells like the ocean. I mix it in everything. I even feed it to my black worms. Okay now I'm giving away too many secrets.<G>

  I also just got Sal's secret recipe and actually I think I'm going to make some of it for my own dinner.<G>
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