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I bred A. cacatuoides!

hi all
I've finally bred my cacatuoides. It's my first time.
I have the female guarding the small ones in a 80L tank with more:
- a. cacatuoides male and female (yes, another one)
- 5 killies
As I haven't got any more empty tanks I've put them all, including the male, in three nets in order to leave the female more peaceful.
Do you think I should let the male around in the tank? He doesn't bite the small ones but the female runs him away...
My idea is to put the small ones in a net in the same aquarium... and join the male to the female again to incitate them to breed again.
Should I give time for the female to recover?
What are the proceedings to follow? Food, and all that...
alfredo (very excited!)
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