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Re: Difficult females

Hi John and Jerry,

Thanks for your answers.  I feed my juvenile
and adult fish with live daphnia, grindal
worms and occasional frozen blood worms.  I
supplement their diet with micro pellets and
decaps.  They also get some bbs occasionally
but all of them seem to favor daphnia above

Four of my tanks are bare bottomed.  But I
can't stand the looks of the bare bottom
tanks so I added some boiled oak leaves.
Although it hides the stuff that collects on
the bottom somewhat, they still look kind of
yucky to me.  Must be the woman thing ; )  My
female orange flash cacatuoides loves the
leaves, though.  She spawned in a rolled up
leaf.  She looked so cute peeking out of it.
My success rate does not seem to change
whether it is a heavily planted tank with
gravels or a bare bottom tank.  However, I
must say that bare bottom tanks are easier to


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