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Re: Atlanta ACA Convention

I'll take all the credit for thinking he would be a great speaker at the
convention.  ;)

Mark Barnett

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Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 7:53 AM
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> I agree with you 100% Randall
> Mike Wise is the man.... I dont think you'll ever meet a nicer guy who
> knows soooooo darn much about apistos.... and his photos of all of them
> are impressive too!
> I think Mike should just write books about cichlids for a living....
> dont know if theres any money in it .......... but if there ever was a
> book on apistos i'd really want ..... Its that book called
> "Everything You Ever Needed or Wanted to know about Apistogramma" by
> Mike Wise... of course that book is still in the works...... right
> Mike????????   When it comes to apistos that Nike commercial says it
> all.. Be Like Mike!!!

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