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Re: Atlanta ACA Convention

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, John Wubbolt wrote:

> Oh I forgot to ask...... 
> What Apistos were there for sale or trade that i didnt get my hands on
> by not showing up?   

We picked up some of the wild juruensis.  Spouse Kathy is pleased.

> Who won what places in the apisto class and what fish took those
> classes......

Richard Perez won with a borellii, 2nd place was Larry Jinks with a 

> anyone get pics of the fish in the show.....

I think Mark is planning on doing something on the website -- I have 
collected photos from several folks at the convention, plus my own, for 
the BB & am going to send everything to Mark for his project too.  Like 
last year, they shot low-quality digitals of every winner & put it into a 
powerpoint presentation.  This works wonderfully at the awards banquet.

> Im sure Max
> took the photography class again....

Nope, it was our own photo pro this time...

Kathy took 3rd with a very nice Apisto "Winkelfleck" shot she took one day
when I left the camera rig in the fishroom.  Hoping to make that a cover
on the BB when I can convince her to write an article (Obligatory plug:
Help the dwarf cichlid people take over the hobby... write &/or photograph
something for the BB!)

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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