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Help needed

Hey guys, & girls,
      I just received this e-mail from this exchange student and thought maybe you guys in Ct could help him out. apinaity@yahoo.com (Arkadiusz Adamczyk)

My name is Arek and I'm a student from Poland. I'm
very interested in apistogramma. I study animal
science  (zootechnics) at University of Agriculture in
Warsaw (I completed 4 years). I also run an amateur
breeding for many years. Right now, I'm in the US
(being on student exchange programm). I live and work
in Danbury, CT.
I'd like to ask you if there is any possibility that
you or your friends (from the nearest area) can give
me interesting information about apistogramma and
share experience and knowlegde, or maybe you can
recomend me some interesting places to go and see (for
example display, an interesting shop etc.). It's
really important for me because I want to write my
thesis on apistogramma breeding, and it would be great
to use my stay here in the best way and know new
In Poland there aren't many specialists in this
Please, write me back as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Arek Adamczyk