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Mike did a great job...and is a nice guy as well. It was my pleasure meeting
and having lunch with him.

I shot the pictures for the awards banquet. There were 226 entries and I
would estimate that 80% showed. Each required 1 to 5 shots before getting
something acceptable, or a total of maybe 500 to 600 total shots. Each was
loaded into software, sized, and the resolution reduced for presentation.
Each photo was then copied to a file system: ACA2002/awards
photos/class/entry. A LOT of work on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning
(about 18 hours total), but Saturday afternoon it all paid off. The judging
started at 2 PM and finished at 4 PM. By 5 PM the presentation was
complete...all I had to do was drag and drop from the file folders to the

I believe we will be putting up a gallery on the convention web site. Until
then, if possible and if time permits, I will e-mail photos of Class 3
(Apistogramma, Biotecus, Crenicara, Nannacara, Microgeophagus, Taeniacara),
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to those who want them.


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