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Re: 108 apisto display

In a message dated 8/3/2002 6:45:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time, theoutlaw_torn@hotmail.com writes:

If you had a 108 gallon tank, that you could aquascape to be an apisto
display tank. Featuring just one type of apisto.. which one would you
choose? how many males/females would you start with? what fish would you put
with them?

  I don't think I'd use a tank that big to feature just one apistogramma type of dwarf. I would probably make it a general South American Biotype. Dwarfs including Apistos and maybe some geophagus types and some tetra and of course some different types of corys. There are just so many beautiful fish in South America that I would think people would find the right mix down to the dwarfs all very attractive with your aquascaped aquarium.
  I have a planted 55 upstairs with 4 quickly growing Discus in it and yet my 24 year old daughter just loves the little trio of Borellii that are living quite happily with the Discus and yes of course the corys. Got to have the corys. There are many varieties of corys that are very attractive too.
                                                    My 2 1/2 cents.
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