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fishy information...

Doing research on the net on how to breed d. filamentosus, I stumbled upon this article that said that they were hermaphroditic.  This guy based his conclusion on his experience that after he lost his male, one of the "females" turned into a male. 
D. filamentosus is not hermaphroditic is it?  His "female" was probably a sleeper male right? 
Here is the link if anyone wants to see the article:  http://www.petsforum.com/cichlidroom/articles/a091.html
ps.  Ram fry are doing great on bbs fed from day one!  I don't think I've lost more than 2 or 3 babies so far.  Thanks again for everyone's suggestions.  Only problem now is that dad won't eat since he's so busy defending the fry and has started to fight off and reject mom, even though she vigorously defends the perimeter around the fry.  Go figure.

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