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Re: Difficult females 2

In a message dated 8/13/2002 10:40:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time, tomokoschum@knology.net writes:

Are you having a hot humid summer this year?  The weather
was awful in Milwaukee, but the LFS's up there were just
marvelous!  I picked up some pencilfish to use as dither for
my aggies (you see I listen to you, too) and a pair of
scarlet badis along with some interesting aquatic plants.  I
put the pencilfish with my Rio Mamore (I believe my fish are
offspring of yours.)   A few days later the female shaped up
and spawned!


  I'd be careful you don't give John a bigger head then he has. As for humidity you've never been to Philly I take it. Well, humid in the dictionary must say Philadelphia next to it.

  I've never used a dither fish. I have no trouble with Rio Mamore but, maybe they might be worth a try with the aggies. It would be a whole new thing for me. I have tons of Aggie juvies right now only problem is when I get done spawning them none of the parents are ever left. I have a 30 full of double reds and a 20 not quite full but, with some red-golds. I'll have to check my buddy's store and see what he has. Take care and great day...
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