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Re: Fluke tabs

Hi Jerry,

I have been using Fluke tabs at full dose.  The little green
beasties I have are really tough.  They keep coming back
from somewhere.  Since I have not introduced anything new
from outside to these breeding tanks, hydra are simply
migrating around from one tank to another.  They must be
hitching a ride on the pipettes and the turkey baster I use
for feeding the daphnia to my fish.  I end up sucking some
water into the pipettes when I squirt daphnia out of it.  I
know, I need to stop dipping the tip of the pipette into the
tank to break the cycle.

My aggie female is still guarding her eggs as of this
morning.  I suppose she has not noticed any physical changes
in these eggs.  Hope these eggs will hatch.  She is still
taking care of her two weeks old fry, too.  I am curious to
know what she would do with the older ones when these eggs
hatch.  Since my borellii trio successfully raised three
generations of fry together in the very same 20GL, I am
hoping that this aggie pair would, too.


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