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Re: Finally....Photos in the Photo Gallery

In a message dated 8/20/2002 2:21:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, aquamaniac@earthlink.net writes:


Hey Nice PICS Zack!
Glad to see you got the thing up a running. PICS really help for sure. Seeing how were showing PICS I liked you Agassizii of course you know me being an Aggie Freak of a sort. Check out this Aggie I shipped yesterday. I have yet to add it into my Photo gallery but, I thought even with my cheapy camera he looks pretty good. He's a red-gold an off spring of a trio that I got when I was at the Pittsburgh Auction. I think Mike Chappel was being nice to me buy, not out bidding me. Thanks Mike. Check out this Aggie. Keep in mind this is a camera with less than a megapixel and it's a point and shoot. Once in a while it gets a good shot. Good luck with your PICS Zack they help a lot. Here's mine. http://www.apistoworld.com/photogallery/photo041/Red_Goldma.jpg
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