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Re: Fluke tabs

Why does Uwe have a poster of a parasite!! ;-)

From what I have read, and from what the articles below and elsewhere state, hydra reproduce by budding (cell replication) _and_ by cysts. This article claims they are multi-celled, being two cell-layers thick: http://www.howe.k12.ok.us/~jimaskew/zophyla1.htm

I'm not going to argue over this. I'll just point out some articles on the topic.


At 09:31 PM 8/20/2002, David wrote:
Randy Hydra is a community of one celled animals operating in unison
therefore no eggs or cysts---there is a big poster on the wall around from
Uwes fish in the university in Bielefeld! They reproduce through cell

From: "Randy Carey" <carey@spacestar.net>
> The cysts of hydra.
> http://www.ucihs.uci.edu/biochem/steele/multi.htm
> http://www.intellweb.com/gcka/hydra2.htm
> http://www.howe.k12.ok.us/~jimaskew/zophyla1.htm
> and a diagram can be viewed at:
> http://www.howe.k12.ok.us/~jimaskew/hydrapop.gif

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