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Re: new aggie

In a message dated 8/23/2002 12:00:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, apistowise@fgn.net writes:

I don't know about the diet part, but the fish Mike pictures belongs to the
'type' A. agassizii found mostly in the Rio Amazonas of Peru & Rio Solimões of
Brazil. His fish is very similar to the common blue bodied "Red-top Blue/White"
aggie imported from many locations in Peru. I must say, however, that the Rio
Tigre form's orange body makes it a spectacular looking fish; one well worth
keeping as a pure population.

Mike Wise

I agree with the pure population idea. I mean when you got a naturally nice fish then that's the best fish in my mind. I was thinking though when I look at some of the Apistos although my eyes are not trained as well as yours it just seems like you see different traits from different types of Apistos or in the Aggies case different types of Aggies. I think the fish PIC Mike showed is also nice but, I just wonder if they just don't cross breed themselves without any intervention from us.
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