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Re: mosquito larvae and baby eunotus

Hello everyone!

Samala, and anyone who's had experience growing mosquitoe larvae. . .  I've considered setting up tubs outside to culture some but I've been a bit hesitant to.  I live in NYC and for the past few years they've been spraying to kill mosquiote because of west nile.  Is that something that I should take into consideration and NOT try to culture them?

Thanks for any help.


 Samala wrote:

I'm trying to get a herd of 20 A. cf. eunotus fry off
of their staple diet of BBS and microworms and have
been supplementing with mosquito larvae. Wow do they
love this food. They were precocious little things
before but their inquisitive nature has taken on a
whole new dimension since starting to feed the larvae.
Everyone greets me and does the "hail to our fish
queen" dance.

Growth, while it was always good, has been explosive.
Two weeks ago I had a uniform group of TL .25"
youngens. Now I've got half near .50" and few at .75"
and (surprisingly) a few runts who haven't muscled
into the feeding frenzy often enough. (Probably going
to separate these four and give them their own tank so
they get better chances at the food.)

Of course the downside to this food is that its
seasonal. (ARGH!) Has anyone been able to freeze
mosquito larvae for later use? Do your fishes still
take to it as well? Any plausible reasons not to
freeze them?

Sidebar: I've got a few beckfordi pencilfish in with
the batch of fry. Earlier today I saw the male pencil
try to bully a larger eunotus fry out of his mosq.
meal. Boy did he pick the wrong fish. The eunotus
ran him halfway across the 15g tank and there is a
little fin nip on the beckfordi's caudal now. Pretty
funny to watch. Especially since the eunotus is half
his size.


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