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Re: keep your hands where they belong

In a message dated 9/27/2002 8:21:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, BigJohnW@webtv.net writes:

to raise by yourselves..... that is, when it comes to new fish and you
gotta be able to have fry for future generations.... 8-)


  Mainly just messing with Mike but, I always hate to have to take the eggs. I very rarely do. When I have it seems things don't work out as well. I also have never dealt with the fish he was referring too so I could be totally wrong.<G> Yes I understand when you are trying to continue a line it's do or die. Each situation is decided at the time of fertilization and since the fish are not going to let the eggs hatchout. I have had some success hatching eggs myself but, I've also had some failures. Shsss don't tell anyone that okay.....<G>
                                                             Jerry B-Man (a chip off the "Old" block)
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