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Re: Spare me

In a message dated 10/2/2002 2:43:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, achrist@jhmi.edu writes:


  I thought that, that was what it meant but, wasn't sure that is why I put that first because I thought I might be describing the process which I actually was. And as far as spelling that wrong. I wouldn't know either way. But, it took me till I was almost 50 to have enough nerve to say I don't know something. Just always acted like Oh yeah I know what you mean when I didn't. Now I no longer have the fear of looking stupid because how someone looks or seems to someone else is just a matter of that persons perspective. That was learned through living not through books. It's a harder way but, you don't forget it. Is there a relation to the word infusion with the word infusoria? Seems like there could be. Oh well enough grammar for today. Thanks much. Sorry folks for the lesson on word definitions but, I bet there is as least one other person out there that didn't know what that meant either and now we both know.<G>
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