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Re: Missing out on some messages

Hi Max and others suffering from missed messages,

I get a lot of "554 transaction failed" error messages from the hotmail
server, which I ignore because I assumed it was either hotmail having
temporary problems or your mailboxes filling up. I presume these are
the problem.

I will check with my provider (perhaps some of our messages are
incorrectly tagged as spam?) and I will send you separately an example
of the problem and you can bug hotmail support if you wish.

If some of you also run mailing lists and want to discuss the possible causes
off list, please mail me.

If we find out why we can post a summary report to the list after it is figured out.

I don't use hotmail/yahoo etc much because the mailboxes are too small. That is another
reason why I would prefer if people try not to quote entire emails as it can quickly
add up to a lot of storage.

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 08:39:19PM +0000, Max Gallade wrote:
> Hi all,Frank,
> I just received the latest digest version of this list on another e-mail 
> account.I usually don't read the digest, but this time I noticed that a lot 
> of last weeks messages didn't get through to my regular(fish) e-mail 
> account.

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