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Borellii fry in my community tank

Hi y'all,

I just have to share my little amazing discovery with
someone here.

Last night I found my young borellii female raising a batch
of fry in my 75 gallon community tank.  Judging from the
size and the agility of the fry, they must be at least a few
days old.  I am so surprised that the pair has been able to
raise the fry to this point among the healthy schools of
neon tetras and juvenile angelfish, a few rummy nose tetras,
a herd of corydoras of various types, two large Siamese
algae eaters, and a few other fish.  They are not even fed
any bbs.  The tank is really heavily planted and also has a
large driftwood covered with java ferns and willow moss.  I
have been puzzled about the death of my pygmy cories over
the last few days.  Now I know why.  I am starting to fear
that I might loose some of my panda cories who insist on
dashing through the female borellii's territory.  I had no
intension of breeding apistos in my 75G tank.  The female
was introduced into the tank quite accidentally.


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