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Re: Spare me

In a message dated 10/2/2002 5:58:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time, achrist@jhmi.edu writes:

That's great.  I think Jerry and myself understand the term now.  Until
I can filter the protozoa (or was it paramecium?) and the other
delectable ciliates, flagellates, &maybe rotifers, from the crap...it
will still be called "the crap released from squeezing the filter
sponge.  I think everyone gets that. 

  That was good stuff huh? See what a little question can do... David Y has been one of my main teachers since the beginning. I wonder if when I get done I will be able to add to my college credits through his teaching.<G>

  My fish mentor though was mainly Zman and yes he would have just said squeeze the junk out of the sponge filter. Micro worms are okay but, I got so tired of keeping them up. I have 30 plus tanks that I care for by hand and there just isn't the time to sit around making up the micro worms then you only really need them a day or two. I find that most fish will take bbs also I use the smallest form of golden pearls from brineshrimpdirect.com and also cyclop-eez. Nice talking to you all. Good day.
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