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Re: L. flavilabris

I maintained this fish for several years.... always had problems giving
them away.   Like Mike W said, they spawned like convicts, I had no
problems with fertility issues, i always had huge batches of fry around
all the time.   Because this fish gets fairly large and looks like a non
colorful version of an Aequidens type fish, I had hard time selling or
even giving the fish away.   Even when i sold the large adult pair at an
auction I got very little for them.   The fry most of the time ended up
being used as feeder stock for other larger Central and South American
Cichlids i was raising.   I dont know anyone that i distributed the fish
to that are still maintaining the species.   It is too bad that this
fish isnt a very colorful fish, when at adult size, they had very nice
finnage.    My water conditions for raising this species, was pH 6.0 or
maybe less, temps around 78F, hardness was < 50ppm.   I fed varied diet
of Tetra Bits ( now ColorBits ) Spirulina Flake food, Shrimp pellets,
frozen bloodworms.... they ate just about anything that was offered to

If anyone finds this species, good luck with them, I enjoyed the species
but gave them up to work with other newer species.


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