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Re: German Blue Rams/ Wild Caught...

In a message dated 10/11/2002 2:39:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, mgallade@hotmail.com writes:

The Rams made it in to the Rhein (Rhine) river.From there they swam
downstream into the Northern Sea.Crossed the Atlantic and just like Salmon
found their way home back into the Llanos of Venezuela.Soon,they started to
mingle and breed with the local wild Ram population.There you have it.That's
why they call them Wildcaught German Blue Rams.This explains the high prize
tag, too.The F1 's are called Mikrogeophagus ramirwalter.
How's that for an explanation from another crazy German:)
Have a great weekend all

  I think you just opened yourself up Max. Someone is bound to ask you how you figured all that out. And then their going to buy the fish and tell everyone the story you just told. Although for a guy like me it is a geography test I'd probably fail. I must admit the Apistos have taught me much that I missed when I wasn't taking school seriously. Thanks have a good weekend......Funny stuff for sure
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