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Re: German Blue Rams/ Wild Caught...


You forgot to tell how those wild caught German blue rams got the Blue
part of their name, from those cold chilly waters of the Rheine.... and
the worst part of the story from what my father Hans told me was, that
while swimming in those cold frigid waters, some wild Angelfish who were
rather shy and unexperienced in the ways of breeding, came upon a pair
of German Blue Rams spawning and just were so taken back by the spawning
act that they blushed so hard in that cold Rheine water, that they
permanently became known as the German Blue Blushing Angelfish. 

You know, these are the stories that just never seem to get released,
other then told down through the generation of father to son.... father
to son.....I feel obligated to tell them to someone seeing as I most
likely will remain a single man, with no children to pass these family
stories down to.

Johann "the name my father Hans called me"

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