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Re: undescribed apisto species

Mike Wise wrote:
"Mitochondrial DNA studies now show that A. caetei &
A. cf. caetei (Guamá) are more distantly related to
each other than all of the Mbuna genera in Lake
Malawi. In other words species of Pseudotropheus are
more closely related to species of Melanochromis,
Labidochromis, etc. than A. caetei is related to A.
cf. caetei (Guamá)."

Wow!  Let me say that again, WOW!  The implications of
that are just, for an evolutionary ecology geek like
me, they're breathtaking.  Twenty miles apart and
they're THAT distant genetically?!  Holy holy holy
cow.  Allopatric speciation processes at its best I

I desperately hope this has been published, if so
would you be so kind as to give me a journal
reference?  And if not, I'll definitely keep an eye
out for this - it is EXACTLY what I'm interested in
for grad work.  

Thanks for the advice/help on the cf/sp. situation!


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