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Re: quarantine

When it comes to quarantining new fish, i have a different method.... i
dont think of it as quarantining them because as i get a new species ,
pair , trio or whatever... they always go into their own tank... so in
essence i AM quaranting them, guess i just dont think of it as isolating
them.... just giving them their own place with no other tank mates.....
sometimes as a spur of the moment purchase, i get home and say where the
heck am i going to put them, i always end up evicting someone out of
their tank and using that tank for the new fish..  Plus it really helps
to have a few 10 gallon tanks around that have nothing in them.   Even
after coming home from an auction on Sunday, i was still able to put the
4 species i bought into their own tanks , may be smaller then i like
them in for the moment but they are in their own tanks.

Ok..... stupid question here, does anyone ever quarantine new plants??
I dont, but think i really should, shouldnt I ??? 


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