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RE: conductivity question

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> From: the dude (coby)
> Sent: Friday, October 18, 2002 7:17 PM

> ...I filled the tank up...with water from a 10gallon
> tank that housed a trio of orange flash cacatuoides
> and dither fish. That water was around 220microsiemens...
> I thought Id add the dosage required [of Equilibrium -Y]
> to make it 3german degrees. Then the conductivity was
> around 780 microsiemes. I did water changes adding
> dehumidified water as well as more low conductivity
> water. Then I added a bag of peatmoss...I then also
> used proper PH 7.0 to take the ph...up. I also used
> some baking soda in cunjuction with the proper PH...

Good Gawd a'Mighty, son - just how were we supposed to even come close to
figuring all of this out from the two little bones you tossed us poor

And I believe you've answered all of your own questions with that single


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