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Re: aweful quiet here lately

Hello Max and all

The speaker line up was awesome.   I caught the first program on friday
night , given by Dr Jay Stauffer.... even though im pretty much out of
african cichlids, mbuna and peacock types... i learned alot about their
breeding behavior that i never even would have guessed at.   The talk
was more scientific oriented but still was geared towards the hobbyist
level.   Lots of info there.

Ingo's talk followed Jays on friday night, i didnt catch this one, that
lecture room seemed like 85 F in there, way to hot for 2 talks in a row.

Saturday morning,  Dr Paul Loiselle gave his talk on Tilapine Cichlids
of west african... Now every says tilapia... ewwww... get over that!!
There were some awesome looking fish in this talk, great presentation,
as Paul always gives.

Rusty Wessel gave his talk on one of his collection trips for the second
presentation that morning.... missed that one, was roaming the hotel in
search of new fish at that time.   Ingo gave his second talk at 1pm,
missed that one too.... but heard it was really great.    Rainer's talk
was at 3pm and i didnt miss this one...   Another excellent
presentation....   I learned more about Peacock bass then i ever thought
i would.... 

That was my experiences with the speakers this year..... i made 3 out of
6, not bad for me.
You would have loved them....All in all, another great year at the
OCA.... food in the hotel resteraunt wasnt bad either this year.... must
be a new cook!!!

No comments about my "Hat" that i was wearing in the hospitality
room..... I am making a motion that ALL cameras be banned from that room
at all times.....I was just protecting myself.

Anyways, I had a great time...


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