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Re: Soil Substrate

Hi Tomoko,
I'm familiar with the Profile products, but this is not it.  I actually use the Profile Soil Conditioner mixed with gravel in one of my current tanks; it is the hard, kiln-dried clay.  These other soil products are very different from the Profile.  One of them is made by Hoffman, and the other is from a small company in south Georgia.  Both are black like potting soil, but made from a mixture of clay and sand or peat and sand.
>Are you talking about Profile line soil substrate?  If so,
>you can find out a lot about them by searching the archive
>on Aquatic Plant Digest.  Search the archive on Profile and
>Turface at  http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/index.php
>If I recall correctly, Profile's aquatic gardening soil
>raises the pH and carbonate hardness of the water a bit.  It
>also adds phosphate to the water which can increase the
>chance of an algae outbreak (someone in Tennessee Aquarium
>shared some data on this with me at their studio/plant
>holding area.)