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Re: aweful quiet here lately

Hi Z-man,John,all
Don, thanks for saying "hi" to Rainer for me. I really appreciate it. Sounds like you're stocking up your fishroom again:).
Lois and I have to make it to one of the conventions some day.
My fishroom(basement) is bursting and a convention could be very harmfull to the rest of our living space :).
Again Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

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From: WnyZman@aol.com
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Subject: Re: aweful quiet here lately
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 17:47:31 EST

Well, another Musketeer checking in. Max, I did talk to Rainer
Stawikowski and he said to say 'Hello". They had their largest attendance to
date; 263 registered & it really got crowded Sunday for the auction. Rooms
full of all kinds of cichlids & scavangers. Coffee & donuts, pizza party,
hospitality room 2 nights and 6 lectures all for $10.00. If you can beat
that, I'd like to hear about it.
I always consider this as my "pep rally" and I wasn't disappointed as
I came home with lots of new fish. So many fish, so little time!

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