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Re: Looking for some dwarfs as foundation stock

Hi Jerry!

Hey Janice
nice to see a new name. I was surprised by Johns passion, here I thought it was pizza...<G>
Actually I think any dwarf can be a show quality dwarf as long as you treat him/her good....Food, water, and talk real nice to them.

Got it. :-) So different from the bettas and guppies, but I'm starting to remember that this was fairly true for the big cichlids, too.

Borellii and cacatuoides seem like good beginner fish to me but, Viejita might be a little harder. Just my opinion and I'm not an expert just speaking from the experience I've had. Take care and nice talking to you...

This could affect my decision a lot, though, so I thank you for that observation. I want to start off w/something I can have the most likely success with first. :-)


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