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RE: Leaves

OK, thanks everybody for your input. I've gone with one of the (non evergreen) oaks that we have here. The leaves are smaller than the ones that we find in Britain. I'm also going to try the leaves of cork oaks because, if they're OK I know I'll be able to always get the same species. I'm also experimenting with leaves from the Plain Tree (they're the ones that you see lining roads in Provence and the rest of the south of France and are also easy to identify because of their flakey bark.) So far the normal oak leaves have been much apreciated and fish which wouldn't normally swim ougt in the open are doing so. The Plain Tree leaves seem to be taking a long time to sink but, because they're so big I want to persevere because they'd mean a lot less work;-). I've put these in a tank with Anomalochromis Thomasi, but I've not seen any change in behaviour, they're still v. skittish:-(.

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I believe that the European oak species are related to the North American species.  The exception would be any Live Oak species, which are an evergreen plant and do not have the same properties. 
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