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RE: can ancistrus be the bad guy?


ancistrus like many other fish, especially nocturnal fish, would greatly snack on eggs. Although I have never seen any of these type of fish preying on fry, I guess it is possible in the early swimming days stage as the fry is not in control of its action.However, apisto fight also at night against predation that is if some light is present for them not to be asleep. I have seen some cases however where parents would fight any fish (small or big) that would come in the area of their eggs (lets say 1-2 feet) but for unknown reasons where leaving corys and other catfish going on their eggs (and eating them) without any reaction.Your best guess is to take the ancistrus out for a few weeks and see if the pairs successful again.

Your previous batch looked great: just need to work on temperature and pH to get some females.

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I wonder if this is why my hoignei are always going in the pot and she is yellow 80% of the time, but only one batch of fry.  I have 2 ancistrus in the tank.  As far as that goes I have cacs in another tank with ancistrus and they spawn frequently too, and not too many fry.