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RE: Laetacara curviceps

 a couple of answers
1 Yes and observe
2 maybe until you get a better replacement. baby brine finely ground flake frozen baby brine Decapsulated bbs eggs there are many good initial foods. My personal fav is live daphnia when they are big enough.
3 Yes continue to do your water changes you do need to be careful to not remove fry. I recommend to move slowly while in the tank stay away from mom and dad they may charge you so stand your ground in that case and use a small gauge hose to siphon with. water quality must be maintained
4. depends i.e. I don't know for this specie but someone else on this list will
5) get a second tank ready either you will need to move mom and dad or the fry in order to grow them out.
And don't forget to observe them and enjoy
best wishes
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Subject: Laetacara curviceps

Hello Friends,
I have a pair of curviceps who have successfully breed alone in a 10 gallon planted tank.  The fry are 3 days old and the parents diligently share the fry fanning responsibilities.(first spawn and I guess about 100 fry)
A few questions:
1 Should I leave the parents with the fry?
2 Is liquid food ok?
3 Should I attempt a small water change?
4 When should the fry be free swimming?
5 Any suggestion on care?
Howard in Orlando