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Apisto in Uruguay!

Hello All,

There was an Apistogramma species discovered about two weeks ago in northern
Uruguay.  It was collected by my friends and local fish heads Nathan Okawa
and Stan Sung.  I saw a slide of the fish and it is not A. borelli from what
I could tell.  It had a very prominent sub orbital stripe and blue spots on
the flanks (A. commbrae?).  I hope to get Stan's slides scanned some time
soon.  It was collected in Salto, Uruguay, in the same spot that Nathan and
I poked around in last year and came up Apisto-less.  This only reinforces
the fact that a habitat has to be repeatedly explored to be understood.
This spot is about 32° South of the equator and gets close or below freezing
every Winter (July).  I'd previously thought that there were no Apistos in
Uruguay or along Rio Uruguay that far south, even though Rio Parana has some
Apistos at that latitude.  The species was apparently not very common and
I'm not sure if they managed to get a pair back to the States.  This wont be
the last you hear of this cold-hardy species.

Thought you'd like to know.

Vinny Kutty
Chatsworth, California

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